The Game-Game Level

"Don't do to others what you wouldn't be happy if someone else did it to you, and then you won't be in so much trouble"

At the Game-Game Level, the game itself is the game of our everyday lives. The game goals of our daily life, which I call PPP, are Pay, Pussy/Penis, Position, on top of which the fourth P, Perversion, is added. These are the three (plus one) main human drivers. Anyone who drives these, or has them as a goal, is definitely in the game. If you meditate alongside them, you are in the game to some degree. The question arises, is it possible in this world to ignore them. Based on my own experience, I can say that it can be done, but if no one is attending to your needs, sooner or later you will be forced to return.

What about those who live their lives in the outside world, taking care of themselves, but also practicing spirituality and mediation? What about those who have a specialism in this area, who do this kind of work and derive their income from it? You can also understand the Game-Game Level from the fact that these people are on the Game-Admin Level. Because their activities are in the outside world and their purpose is related to it, but they are insiders. Initiation is nothing more than the opening up of brain cells that people last used as children, but which close when they go to school. As an adult, opening them is linked to special abilities. The classic game itself operates according to the rules of consensual reality in the world of science, where there is no such thing. After initiation, this changes so that it does not officially exist and everyone adapts to it.

In summary, the Game-Game Level is the players themselves, the people who are the main users of the Game. They live their daily lives in the real world and compete for various game objectives. However, there are also players who have discovered more of the world and are using the results to their advantage. These people are known colloquially as charismatic and charming. They are also at the Game-Game Level, but they are now in a different league. The next league is for those who, in a similar situation, do not use this knowledge for their own benefit or only partially for their own benefit, but work for the benefit of the community and the world. The Game-Game Level therefore belongs to those who make use of the Game itself. The Game-Admin Level is the first stop beyond this, where the initiates who are not so much interested in games as in game management and content development are.

To give you a better idea of how this system is built, the path from the world beyond the last station of the Game-Admin Level leads through the Waiting to the Admin-Admin Level, which deals with system development. Those who meditate at this level are only tangentially connected to the outside world, their main activity is within the realm of their mind. The processes here are on a ten-year time scale, their lives are extremely uneventful to the outside eye and devoid of playfulness. Although they have extraordinary power, they cannot immediately assert this power in the game, nor can the game assert its aspects on them. Such people are best left alone, because although the Game does not forbid anyone to play the role of a god, the real divine power is in the hands of these people.

Interestingly, there is a rampant power in everyone's imagination that could be described as a 'god come down to earth', but it can only be accessed from the Admin-Admin Level. This power, however, can only become active in exceptional circumstances, when a bug or serious situation arises in the Game that cannot be remedied in any other way. Its purpose is not domination, but system restoration or game recovery. This level can also be opened, with limited rights, for the purpose of relaxation and recharging for those meditating at Admin-Admin Level, for example, as in the old system, which was replaced by the ÉlményPark, this was not possible, as these spheres did not know the concept of freedom. If you work a lot, you also need to take time off, otherwise you will get bogged down in what you are doing, and sooner or later it will damage the system.

Think carefully about what you really want, because as you ascend it often happens that the same concepts can mean quite different things in different spheres. It is important to make it clear here that your goal should be the ideal level for you, rather than the most advanced ascent, so that you do not realise this when you are already in it and have no power to go back or to make any meaningful changes. The higher you rise, the more collective the world becomes, which translates as the less your own interests and need for privacy matter. In my development I have tried to solve all the bugs and misunderstandings, but I am also doing my part, one of which is testing the Admin-Game Level. The next time I go back to the Admin-Admin Level with the collected list of corrections, it's 3 years there and 3 years back, plus the time spent there. No one should contact me for that reason, because it is a mind network where it is more effective to communicate in thought.

"What do you mean when the parties mean different things by the same terms?"
"I have a good example of this, namely your bird in the cage. You keep a creature accustomed to free flight in a cage for your own amusement, and I'm sure you tell it you love it."